EzyClean Graffiti Removal Product Selector

Proven & tested in the field not in a lab!

All EzyClean Graffiti Removal Products are tried and tested (many, many, many times) in the field by technicians on all types of surfaces which had been vandalized with spray cans, textas, inks, oils, wood stains, dyes… and the list goes on.

The majority of chemical companies still to this day, develop their products in a lab thinking they will work on anything & everything…and they don’t, we have tried and tested them all.

Our exclusive new “SupaSafe” range has been independently tested and meets all Australian Government Non Dangerous Goods Criteria. 

Since our launch in 2004, we are proud to say that after all these years, you can be assured we will always be developing and testing our products to meet the new challenges of graffiti vandals mediums. 

Graffiti Removal Tips & Tricks

Tilt-up or precast concrete panels

Tilt-up or precast concrete panels hit with spray can graffiti can sometimes be a nightmare, mainly because they want to slurp up and dry out the graffiti remover before it has penetrated and done its work.

For this very reason, we use a coarse type Scotch-Brite scourer to break the surface and push in and agitate the EzyClean Red Remover into the graffiti as we apply it. The results of this exercise are well worth this extra effort.

Boot polish markers

Boot polish markers (which are really just a plastic bottle with a foam applicator and are easily recognized by thin drips running down vertically from the ‘tag’) are best removed with EzyClean Pink Shadow Remover.

Wet the tag first with water, leave for a minute or two, then apply EzyClean Pink Shadow Remover.
Either wipe or pressure wash off depending on the surface type.

Posca Pens

Some markers such as Posca Pens, which are an easily identified as flat chalky-style water-based marking pens (usually in light blues, greens, watermelon pinks and other pastel colors) respond better in the first instance to neat EzyClean Pink Shadow Remover, than they do to EzyClean Blue Graffiti Remover.

This can also be true of some leather dyes and boot polish, which appear as broad strokes with lots of drips. These sorts of markers on concrete can show some resistance to EzyClean Red Graffiti Remover, so it is well worth testing with EzyClean Pink Shadow Remover first before flooding with EzyClean Red Graffiti Remover

Feltpen Markers

Some feltpen markers on concrete, bricks etc. which have not been affected by EzyClean Red Graffiti Remover will not appear to fadeout after application of EzyClean Pink Shadow Remover. These are best removed with a hot water pressure cleaner.

Graffiti Removal, Rejuvenation and Anti-Graffiti Protection of the Heritage Listed Old Swan Barracks

Graffiti Removal, Rejuvenation and Anti-Graffiti Protection of the Heritage Listed Old Swan Barracks


Graffiti Gone WA have been engaged by Ancient Enterprises for the Provision of Graffiti Removal Services including the removal of multiple graffiti vandalism tags from heritage listed natural limestone facade running along two boundaries of the Old Swan Barracks from the corner of Museum Street and Francis Street and the supply and application of EzyCoat Repel, our special permanent topical anti-graffiti coating.


Graffiti Gone WA provide the highest levels of professionalism, work ethic, safety, accountability, and reliability of graffiti removal services to all of our customers.

Three Golden Rules of Graffiti Removal & Product Selection

At Graffiti Gone WA, we understand and fully acknowledge there is a responsible way to manage graffiti removal successfully. We always adhere to our three golden rules of graffiti removal:

  • Identify the substrate
  • Identify the defacing medium
  • Apply safely the appropriate means to remove the graffiti tag.


Advantages of EzyClean Graffiti Removal Chemicals

The Graffiti Gone WA team are fully trained up in the correct selection, preparation, and application of the full range of EzyClean graffiti removal chemicals and products.  The EzyClean range of graffiti removal chemicals have three significant advantages over other inferior products:

  • An extended wetting agent which will enable the product to stay wetter longer and not dry out quickly, making the graffiti / tags easier to remove, even in hot Western Australia conditions.
  • EzyClean graffiti removal products have a unique characteristic whereby you can apply the product “wet on wet”, whereas all other graffiti removal chemicals available require the surface to be dry before re-application is possible. The major benefits of the “wet on wet” process are increased productivity and efficiency
  • All EzyClean graffiti removal chemicals become pH inert when hit with water.


Graffiti Removal Product Selection

For the removal of the multiple graffiti vandalism tags from the natural limestone façade, from the premium range of EzyClean graffiti removal chemicals, we will be using EzyClean Red graffiti removal chemical and EzyClean Pink shadow Remover

EzyClean Red has been specifically developed to be used and is Ideal for removing spray can paint, ‘ironlak’, buff ink, molotow and permanent markers from any bare brick, masonry, concrete, limestone, sandstone and other non- painted surfaces with no damage to the surface substrate or the environment.

EzyClean Pink Graffiti Shadow Remover

Do not be haunted by shadows/stains after graffiti removal any longer. EzyClean Pink Graffiti Shadow Remover is best described as “magically brilliant”. This product bleaches out the aggressive texta and marker shadows left behind after graffiti removal from concrete, stone, granite, and painted surfaces. (See Figures 3 and 4)

Graffiti Removal Chemicals Application

Due to the very porous nature of the heritage listed substrate (natural limestone) façade of the Old Swan Barracks building, the EzyClean Red will be applied by brush implementing a ‘Soaking Technique’. The soaking technique combined with an extended dwelling time will allow the chemical to enter the capillaries of the limestone and became much more effective for the removal of the graffiti vandalism tags.  Once the dwelling time has completed, a low pressure ‘Hot Water’ rinse & clean will be applied to wash down the façade.

Any of the graffiti tags which have strong ink colors, may require a second application of the EzyClean Red process.

The EzyClean Red process will be supported as required by the supply and application by brush of the EzyClean Pink shadow remover. The EzyClean Pink shadow remover is applied by brush and left to dwell for an extended period of time and has the extraordinary ability to be able to pull graffiti inks and spray paints from the most porous of substrates.


Graffiti Gone WA Graffiti Removal Methodology

Chemical Graffiti Removal

  • Arrival on-site, notify field supervisor of arrival.
  • Parking of vehicle is to be safe and legal avoiding bus stops, clearways, taxi zones etc.
  • Ensure warning hazard lights are on.
  • Assess if this is a “legal street art site” via reference manual on board vehicle.
  • Assess risks & hazards of site and complete JSEA. Contact field supervisor immediately if there are excessive risk or hazard with this site.
  • Introduce yourself and state your intention to the stakeholder.
  • Record a prior removal photo of the graffiti vandalism tag.
  • Set up all appropriate safety equipment around job site to inform the public of intention to work and select appropriate PPE.
  • Correct chemical selection is to be prepared on the work vehicle, (EzyClean Red, Black, Blue, Brown, or Pink shadow remover), upon completion of selection, ensure work vehicle & chemical storage units are secure and locked.
  • Ensure water collection system is operational in the case of chemical removal to collect run off.
  • Proceed with process of graffiti removal via gentle agitation to substrate with the correct chemical.
  • Ensure when rinsing, the pressure hose is secured under approved safety channelling.
  • At completion of works, record ‘after photo’ and record job information in weekly report.
  • Notify property owner/resident of completion of works.
  • Return all chemicals and equipment to vehicle and pack them into designated secure cabinets.
  • Ensure site is left neat and tidy.


Graffiti Removal Chemicals Technical Assurance

With over 24 years of experience specializing in one area (total graffiti vandalism removal), our trusted premium performance range of EzyClean Graffiti Removal Chemicals have an enviable track record of effective and efficient removal of the graffiti vandalism from heritage listed buildings and monuments through Graffiti Gone WA (based in Rockingham) and Greg Ireland (Company Owner of Graffiti Removal Chemicals).


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

It is a mandatory policy of Graffiti Gone WA that all staff, contractors, and sub-contractors shall wear appropriate PPE before commencing any graffiti removal scopes of work. The minimum PPE worn shall be, but not limited to the following items of clothing:

  • Long sleeve pants and shirt.
  • Chemical resistant rubber soled work boots.
  • Long sleeve PVC chemical resistant gloves
  • Eye protection including face shield.
  • Face Mask

Supply and Application of EzyCoat Repel Anti-Graffiti Coating

Repel is a permanent two pack, water-based coatings developed to protect concrete, brickwork and other hard surfaces including plastics vinyl, metal signs and paintwork. Repel provides a chemically resistant protective finish designed to prevent aerosol paints and marking pens penetrating and allow easy removal with specially formulated EzyClean Black graffiti removal chemical.


FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Excellent graffiti removal • Water based • UV Stable • Low odour • Water resistant • Solvent resistant • Acid / Alkali Resistant • • Formulated for coating vertical and horizontal surfaces • Ideal for mural artwork

EzyCoat Repel Anti-Graffiti Coating Application

Following the removal of all of the graffiti vandalism tags, all of the walls will be washed down with a biodegradable detergent and rinsed with hot water, to ensure the walls are free of all dirt, debris, and grime.

The EzyCoat Repel will be applied to the natural limestone façade using an “airless sprayer’ delivery system using the ‘Cross-Hatching Process’.

Two coats of EzyCoat Repel will be applied to the walls. EzyCoat Repel is applied and goes on cloudy but dries clear. The Ezycoat Repel takes seven days to cure.


Graffiti Removal After Application of EzyCoat Repel

Once the Ezycoat Repel has cured on the natural heritage limestone walls of the building, the removal of any new graffiti tags is simple, cost effective and efficient. EzyClean Black is used to remove any new graffiti tags.

Note: If there are any graffiti tags on the walls during the 7-day curing process of the EzyCoat Repel, the tags are to be left on. After the 7th day, then the EzyClean black can be applied and the graffiti tag can easily be removed, with no damage or effect to the wall.



EzyCoat Repel is by far the most effective, cost effective anti-graffiti coating system available in Australia today, designed for vertical services, developed by graffiti removal professionals and their chemists to satisfy the demands and requirements for customers providing peace of mind and confidence that any graffiti vandalism tags can easily be removed.




Attention: Chris Bayley

Hi Chris

Many thanks for the Project Plan on the work you undertook at the Old Swan Barracks. We really appreciate this documentation and the time taken to send it through.

The City’s Heritage Officers were recently out on site completing the biennial Heritage Building Condition inspections for all the listed building, and noted the graffiti removal at Swan Barracks was underway. It’s great to know this work is now complete.

Kind regards,

Hannah Eames
Principal Heritage & Strategy

Graffiti Removal & Rejuvenation of the McCallum Park Skate Bowl

Graffiti Gone WA would like to thank the Town of Victoria Park and the WA Police ‘Goodbye Graffiti’ State Task Force for the opportunity to complete the works for the graffiti removal and rejuvenation of the McCallum Park Skate Bowl in Victoria Park.

All graffiti vandalism tags consisting of house paint, lubricant based spray cans, acrylic spray cans, inks and texter were successfully removed from the skate bowl surface areas and floor. Two coatings of EzyGuard penetrating sealer were applied to all surface areas including the skate bowl walls and floor. This work was completed between the 3rd to 7th August 2020.

This has sent a clear message that graffiti vandalism will not be tolerated by the City of Victoria Park and the WA Police ‘Goodbye Graffiti’ State Task Force. Utilizing and implementing an ongoing graffiti management strategy, Graffiti Gone WA are confident that this facility can be maintained for all members of the public to enjoy.

Materials / Graffiti Removal Chemicals Used

> EzyClean Brown Graffiti Remover – SDS carried on site.
> EzyClean Red Graffiti Remover – SDS carried on site.
> EzyClean Pink Graffiti Remover – SDS carried on site.
> Water supplied at location – SDS carried on site.

Benefits of Using EzyGuard Penetrating Sealer

> EzyGuard Sealer is a water based permanent penetrating sealer, specifically designed for Skate Parks making graffiti removal Ezy!
>Provides superior stain resistance against spray can paints, texta, inks and dyes.
>Will protect the surface from permanent damage by graffiti stains and shadow.
>Will protect the surface from harsh cleaning methods.
>Protects the surface from water damage and staining.
>Does not alter the coefficient of friction or slip factor.
>Assist in eliminating the occurrence of efflorescence.
>Reduces corrosion attach on steel reinforcing.
>Retains the natural look of the concrete surface as it dries invisible.
>EzyGuard Sealer is ideal for the skate ramps & skate bowls.
>Fast curing, no odour, deep penetrating, Alkali resistant.
>Reduces moss, mold, and algae growth.
>Breathable, allows water vapour to escape.
>Non film forming, will not peel or flake.
>Formulated to work in conjunction with EzyClean graffiti removal products.

Displaying the extent of the graffiti vandalism tags at the start of the project.
EzyClean Red graffiti removal chemical being applied to the walls of the lower end skate bowl.
Showing the mobile scaffold stairway erected to allow safe and easy access and egress from the skate bowl.
The GGWA truck equipped with the hot water system parked up next to the temporary security fencing.
Showing the two high pressure hot water systems during graffiti removal process noting the suction truck hose in the fore ground.
Displaying the EzyGuard penetrating sealer being applied to the skate bowl walls.
A view from the southern side of the bowl on completion of works.

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We provide a safe an efficient removal of bore and rust stains from concrete, glass, masonry or painted surfaces.

Iron staining from bores is common throughout Perth with properties along our coastline hit the heaviest. Graffiti Gone WA provide bore water stain removal services throughout Western Australia…

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