EzyClean Graffiti Removal Product Selector

Proven & tested in the field not in a lab!

All EzyClean Graffiti Removal Products are tried and tested (many, many, many times) in the field by technicians on all types of surfaces which had been vandalized with spray cans, textas, inks, oils, wood stains, dyes… and the list goes on.

The majority of chemical companies still to this day, develop their products in a lab thinking they will work on anything & everything…and they don’t, we have tried and tested them all.

Our exclusive new “SupaSafe” range has been independently tested and meets all Australian Government Non Dangerous Goods Criteria. 

Since our launch in 2004, we are proud to say that after all these years, you can be assured we will always be developing and testing our products to meet the new challenges of graffiti vandals mediums.