Graffiti Removal & Rejuvenation of the McCallum Park Skate Bowl

Graffiti Gone WA would like to thank the Town of Victoria Park and the WA Police ‘Goodbye Graffiti’ State Task Force for the opportunity to complete the works for the graffiti removal and rejuvenation of the McCallum Park Skate Bowl in Victoria Park.

All graffiti vandalism tags consisting of house paint, lubricant based spray cans, acrylic spray cans, inks and texter were successfully removed from the skate bowl surface areas and floor. Two coatings of EzyGuard penetrating sealer were applied to all surface areas including the skate bowl walls and floor. This work was completed between the 3rd to 7th August 2020.

This has sent a clear message that graffiti vandalism will not be tolerated by the City of Victoria Park and the WA Police ‘Goodbye Graffiti’ State Task Force. Utilizing and implementing an ongoing graffiti management strategy, Graffiti Gone WA are confident that this facility can be maintained for all members of the public to enjoy.

Materials / Graffiti Removal Chemicals Used

> EzyClean Brown Graffiti Remover – SDS carried on site.
> EzyClean Red Graffiti Remover – SDS carried on site.
> EzyClean Pink Graffiti Remover – SDS carried on site.
> Water supplied at location – SDS carried on site.

Benefits of Using EzyGuard Penetrating Sealer

> EzyGuard Sealer is a water based permanent penetrating sealer, specifically designed for Skate Parks making graffiti removal Ezy!
>Provides superior stain resistance against spray can paints, texta, inks and dyes.
>Will protect the surface from permanent damage by graffiti stains and shadow.
>Will protect the surface from harsh cleaning methods.
>Protects the surface from water damage and staining.
>Does not alter the coefficient of friction or slip factor.
>Assist in eliminating the occurrence of efflorescence.
>Reduces corrosion attach on steel reinforcing.
>Retains the natural look of the concrete surface as it dries invisible.
>EzyGuard Sealer is ideal for the skate ramps & skate bowls.
>Fast curing, no odour, deep penetrating, Alkali resistant.
>Reduces moss, mold, and algae growth.
>Breathable, allows water vapour to escape.
>Non film forming, will not peel or flake.
>Formulated to work in conjunction with EzyClean graffiti removal products.

Displaying the extent of the graffiti vandalism tags at the start of the project.
EzyClean Red graffiti removal chemical being applied to the walls of the lower end skate bowl.
Showing the mobile scaffold stairway erected to allow safe and easy access and egress from the skate bowl.
The GGWA truck equipped with the hot water system parked up next to the temporary security fencing.
Showing the two high pressure hot water systems during graffiti removal process noting the suction truck hose in the fore ground.
Displaying the EzyGuard penetrating sealer being applied to the skate bowl walls.
A view from the southern side of the bowl on completion of works.