Graffiti Removal Tips & Tricks

Tilt-up or precast concrete panels

Tilt-up or precast concrete panels hit with spray can graffiti can sometimes be a nightmare, mainly because they want to slurp up and dry out the graffiti remover before it has penetrated and done its work.

For this very reason, we use a coarse type Scotch-Brite scourer to break the surface and push in and agitate the EzyClean Red Remover into the graffiti as we apply it. The results of this exercise are well worth this extra effort.

Boot polish markers

Boot polish markers (which are really just a plastic bottle with a foam applicator and are easily recognized by thin drips running down vertically from the ‘tag’) are best removed with EzyClean Pink Shadow Remover.

Wet the tag first with water, leave for a minute or two, then apply EzyClean Pink Shadow Remover.
Either wipe or pressure wash off depending on the surface type.

Posca Pens

Some markers such as Posca Pens, which are an easily identified as flat chalky-style water-based marking pens (usually in light blues, greens, watermelon pinks and other pastel colors) respond better in the first instance to neat EzyClean Pink Shadow Remover, than they do to EzyClean Blue Graffiti Remover.

This can also be true of some leather dyes and boot polish, which appear as broad strokes with lots of drips. These sorts of markers on concrete can show some resistance to EzyClean Red Graffiti Remover, so it is well worth testing with EzyClean Pink Shadow Remover first before flooding with EzyClean Red Graffiti Remover

Feltpen Markers

Some feltpen markers on concrete, bricks etc. which have not been affected by EzyClean Red Graffiti Remover will not appear to fadeout after application of EzyClean Pink Shadow Remover. These are best removed with a hot water pressure cleaner.