White Gum Park, Kununurra, Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley

Graffiti Gone WA – Regional Northern WA Graffiti Removal Road Trip

As part of the recent hugely successful Graffiti Gone WA (GGWA), graffiti removal road trip to Northern WA including the Kimberley and Pilbara regions, GGWA were engaged by the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley to complete the rejuvenation of the White Gum Skate Park located in Kununurra Town Centre.

The White Gum Skate Park is a street style shake park, built approximately 15 years ago, design consisting of multiple ramps, elevated platforms, rails, elevated bridge and quarter pike ramps. During the initial site inspection, it was noted that most ramps were layered with multiple layers of house paint, aerosol paint, house paint, permanent marker pen, sharpie pens, inks and dyes. Even graffiti on local Kimberley sandstone rocks located at the entrance to the park was noted and recorded. All of the graffiti vandalism defacing mediums (house paint, aerosol paint etc.) had been hard baked by the sun over many years, where Kununurra temperatures regularly reach over 40 Deg C in summer for months on end.

Graffiti Removal Process – Completed

  • All skate park surface skating areas were thoroughly cleaned with a commercial grade biodegradable deterrent and hot water using a concrete surface cleaner and medium pressure hot water rinse.
  • Using a combination of EzyClean Red graffiti removal chemical and Agro paint stripper, all multiple layers of graffiti vandalism tags were removed back to original concrete
  • Multiple areas of bubble gum were removed from the skate park surface areas.

Anti-Graffiti / Stain Barrier Penetrating Sealers – Completed (Ultimate Protection)

  • GGWA supplied and applied two (2) of the premium and unique water-based anti-graffiti EzyGuard penetrating sealer to all skating areas including ramps, elevated platforms, elevated bridge and quarter pike ramps. The EzyGuard penetrating sealer will provide years of the ultimate protection against future graffiti vandalism tags to the skate park
  • GGWA supplied and applied two (2) coats of the premium water-based EzyShield anti-stain penetrating barrier sealer to the two areas of block paving adjacent to the White Gum skate park, which will provide the ultimate protection against stains and grime.