Premium Coatings & Sealers

Premium Coatings & Sealers

Graffiti Gone WA have the privilege of being the exclusive WA Statewide supplier of the premium range of water-based anti-graffiti coatings and penetrating sealers from the world-leading and most forward-thinking manufacturer Graffiti Removal Chemicals.

All of our premium coatings and penetrating sealers are water-based, have no smell, no mess and are manufactured and blended in Australia for Australian conditions. The sealers and coatings are UV stable, have the enviable reputation of outperforming, outlasting and being more cost-effective than any other similar product available here in Australia.

Graffiti Gone WA in conjunction with Graffiti Removal Chemicals can now offer you complete protection against graffiti vandalism with a water-based solution for every surface, environmentally responsible protection. We provide new innovations to protect your assets and infrastructure. 100% protection, 100% of the time.

We can provide cost-effective solutions to the age-old problem of graffiti vandalism tags. Guaranteed to keep your infrastructure and assets clean and green. Let us show you how.

EzyGuard Skate Penetrating Sealer

EzyCoat Repel Anti-Graffiti Coating

EzyShield Anti-Stain Penetrating Sealer

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